TLS provided a broad spectrum of training and development courses to both the public and private sectors.
 Our instructors are subject matter experts from various backgrounds and are hand picked for each project according to their particular expertise and experience. All courses are constantly reviewed and restructured, as we incorporate new information and techniques filtering in from our consultants in the field.
​​​​​​​TLS presents courses which include but are not limited to:
Personal Security & Awareness
Travel Security
Residential Security
Executive & corporate security
HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) for personnel deploying into hostile or non-permissive environments
Anti car-jacking
Security sector reform capacity building programmes
Home and farm security
Health & Safety 

In addition to our training offered for corporate clientele, in conjunction with our strategic partners, Kinetic Solutions, we offer a range of curricula for security companies, military, law enforcement and other government agencies. ​​​​​​​
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